We love sharing our passion

  • Design and innovation Consultants

    In LIBEROconcept we wake up every morning asking ourselves what things can improve and be better around us. This way of thinking is the one that makes us different, we all look forward to analyze your case or project and give you the best solutions and answers.

  • Project and Branding devolpment

    Today, it is very important to ‘project’ your project. Give it a Focus and direction is key to success. In LIBEROConcept we have no strings attached to any concept, so this way we can always come up with different and new ideas for your brand.

  • IndUstrial and Graphic Design coaching

    Coaching and teaching is one of our passions. To make see others different points of view and guide them thru the whole process of creation, projection and execution of an idea. We follow step by step every project and with our help, this process becomes a very productive stage where we are all involved in the process.

  • Fast sketching workshop

    Car design workshop